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A family of three--JingJing

Because we have a child, we often take our baby out for tours on weekends.

Baby need warm water to soak milk and other items. Considering the hygiene of drinking water, we specially purchased a portable power station. I recommend the one in the picture. It is thick in texture but small and portable. Girls can pick it up with one hand.It has multi-port output. The mobile phone, tablet, and three-plug thermostat that are often brought can be used directly without an adapter, which is very convenient! And 500Wh can make the battery life up to 8 hours, which is enough for short trips by car with a baby !

The most important point is that this portable power station has a very high value, a fresh match of white and green, a simple interface, a look like a small stereo, and a moderate price, so you can buy it decisively, and you can even buy this one blindly. Highly recommended!